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Reckleford Eastern Gateway - Yeovil

Reckleford Eastern Gateway was a highway improvement scheme which provided long term regeneration benefits. The route of the A30 entering Yeovil from the east required traffic to needlessly enter the Town Centre creating a “bottleneck” in a constrained and historic part of the Town Centre.

The scheme led by Alan required the acquisition of property by private treaty to create sufficient road width for the highway works. An extensive public consultation exercise was carried out which encouraged local residents to select their preferred scheme of public realm and pedestrian improvements.

The successfully completed scheme improved traffic flow through Yeovil and created a new area of public realm providing a green space at the eastern entrance to the town.

The project utilized the Prince 2 Project Management methodology and was delivered under the agreed capital budget.

“BP D’Arcy Development has made a radical and long lasting difference to the local community in Neath by regenerating industry and more importantly, encouraging self sufficiency”.

Trevor Bates,
The Daily Telegraph